Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stop falling down ouh sky.

I am sorry, but what the hell ?

My atm card was eaten by the bloody hungry atm machine. Dengan tidak sengaja lagi separuh sedar I've kicked the machine and caused me a minor pain on my toe. Now I'm a flat broke and I got no money at all. Poor me much ? Please do so, huwaaaaaaaa !

Kids, no, teenagers, please be a lil bit matured please ? Please please please with cherries on top stop bothering my mind with stupid silly things. Be a lil bit more positive and that surely wont kill you. Mak penat la nyah nak fikir benda kurang pandai mcm tuh. Grrr. Stop whining at my ears, nyampah, lempang kang tau la. Grrrr.

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