Monday, April 11, 2011

no way to hide

25 days to go.

I'll be sitting my summative exam in 25 days more. dang. can somebody kill me ? committing suicide is a big sin in Islam and surely I wont do it. macam mana nak jawab summative ni eh ? Idk whats in my mind and idk what I've learnt within these 3months. all the theories and the philosophies seems sooooooooooooo *&^%$ @#$% and to those who are planning on joining the  medical line, you better think cook cook before you make your choice cz this field is not for people who are so playful and damn lazy to revise and memorize all the bloody facts and medical theories. and always remember, medical line means you are responsible over others' life. no matter who you are, a nurse, a therapist, a radiographer, a pharmacist, a medical assistant, a dog doc, people will put their trust and will rely their hopes on you. if its not you, then who ?

summative exam
theatre presentation *again*
a visit to rehab






p/s : three is to crowded for tango

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