Thursday, April 21, 2011

it wont harm me

hullo abandoned blog ! :) how are you ? missed me much ? ahaa, i guess you are not. well, dah lama tak update blog, but its okay, nobody read mine, ngeh. life is a bit annoying nowadays, perhaps it just another test given by the Al-Mighty. as we grow older, we learnt a lot. sometimes, the fight picked by the others  help us to know better who can be a good friend to us. friends sometimes gonna drown you and sometimes they save you. now i know who can drown me and who gonna save me. people will be nice with you for purposes and some be nice just because they are nice. just bear with all the shit given, they know what they didnt know. they didnt know the truth and i'll never bother to tell the truth and play pointing fingers game.the truth will come out from hiatus soon and by that time, i'll surely aware that its the time for that particular person to feel the tense :)

ouhh, thanks to my darling for all the good words and time spent. i'm sorry for being extremely cheesy these few days :P yours always :)

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