Friday, March 18, 2011

rocket in my mind

be good to me, and i'll be good to you.
enough said.

and do not expect me to treat you nicely if you treat me like a complete asshole. trust is earn and the same thing goes with respect. dont treat people the way you dont want to be treated. do listen to other's opinion because sometimes they give you an idea abt something you never think about. it doesnt mean that everything you said is thrue and must be followed just because you are older and you dont have to be so menggedik and bossy to ask me to do this and that cause you ain't my mother. agak kurang pandai di situ, pathetic.

there's always a damn huge difference between a kawan rapat and kawan baik.
that's what i think.

people who close to you wont be people who listen to all your craps.rapat lah mcm mana pun but if the sense of tolerate and respect is not there and the selfish-ness is more dominant, in the end people will walk away, seriously. and please dont blame me when i started to walk away and never respons everytime you reach me. i kinda sucks at forgiving people, doesnt mean that i wont forgive you at all but it takes time, maybe days, weeks, months or even years. you dont hve to tazkirah me with the saying such as "sedangkan nabi ampunkan umatnya" and all that because it wont be beneficial at all. i am not a perfect person and i am not a prophet. i wont be fake by saying i forgive you while in the other hand the hatred is still there. i wont lie about feelings. if you cant accept others opinion and rasa kau je betul semua, please, tolong duduk dlm gua and never keluar. that is better,

i know what i want and the choice will always be made by me.

we are not sharing the same future, you are out of my future plan and please stop questioning what i am doing 


you're just too good to be true

and please tell me that i am not dreaming and this is for real, ouuchhh ~

p/s : cant wait to spend my whole life with you :) 

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