Sunday, March 20, 2011

are you happy ?

because I am damn happy :)

Praise Allah. so many good things happen recently and i never feel so content like this before *exception for formative exam yg dipercepatkan semiggu =='. the theatre went smoothly though i stammered few times while narrating the story. we won, defeating the other 7 groups ! yeay for myself and the team. we wont make it without the 'tukang gerak's effort since the ketua was toooooooo damie damie useless, haha. the crowds really enjoy the performance and guess what, we probably will represent our college for intercollege activity.weehuu ~ more commitment and sacrification needed to be done and i cant wait for that.

never met a guy so fly,
got me hooked like apple pie,
i think i'm falling and i dont know why,
but i wont fight this butterflies.
-auburn, its all about him-
you made me realized.  you made my eyes see clearer. you made me think wiser. you made me feel determined and the most important is, you made me feel high like nobody can do before.

p/s : pada Yang Maha Esa, tolong jangan tarik nikmat ini :)