Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mixed feeling

- we got to do what we got to do - 

and a Nira must do all her tutorials before she goes back to her bloody JB
normal things for student kot tiap kali balik rumah buku semua tah kemana. before balik sgt lah ye semangat fikir buku ap yg nk bwk blik, nk study ape. hot hot chicken poop betul laa =='
well, somebody said I am tired and once the tiredness has gone, I'll be able to do 'it' again but I'm wishing for the tiredness to stay with me at least for years. figuratively speaking, nobod knows what i'm crapping about, hahaha.

p/s : people come and go, one walks out, plenty walk in.
i wish you could walk out earlier :')

ouh yes, saye tade mase nak amik tahu hal anda.
so tayah expect yg saye akan sibuk2 fikir pasal anda :))

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