Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well B, this goes to you.

B here is not as the B in the Bie, B in the Baby, or as the B in the Hubby or Boo. Its another one or B that represent an indecent word, a word which you know what it is :)

Hi B, been a long time huh since the last I ever wrote about you ? I know you've been dying to get my blog's url, but pls always remember what I'm gna tell you, take note ya.

You've been watching me got knocked down by life and laughing, and now I'm seeing you've been ditched by someone I believe you really want to make you mine before. All I can say is screw you and serve you right. Karma always work. You dnt hve to be such a BS to know whats happenin in my life. You gotta stay quietly and keep chasing guys. Thats your favorite things to do aite ?

Have some dignity yo B !