Monday, May 30, 2011


Hullo pathetic, errr i mean hullo blog, heh. Been lazier to mumble things here these last few days but now I'm up to write stories again.

Nahh, i know, who cares anyway, aite ?

P/s : arif and wanie, congratulations for you both :)

There are few things I've noticed during my hiatus. Why people keep on selling marriage or love problems in facebook or blog ? Is it cool enough to let people know you are in the rocks ? Is it cool enough to let people have bad mind setting abt your love ones ? There was a friend who once wrote in her blog saying if you want to stay longer in a relationship, keep it low. Bragging to much or criticizing your partner publicly wont bring any good.

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  1. yeah, i do care with your writing.
    nanti buleh komen2..
    and yeah,thanks to you too nira!