Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pathetic darling

I can feel your heartbeat,
but its not beating for me.

Okay the introduction got nothing to do with what me gna write. Susah ye kalau org x reti nak bertanggung jawab bila dah rosak kan barang orang. Where's your sense of responsibility darling ? At least you say sorry. Benda tu bukan seringgit dua it costs thousands of Malaysia Ringgit. I guess sebelum ni anda duduk dlm Gua Niah nearby your house kot , kan kan ? There's no point of you being fake in front of the others while behind their back you are doing rubbish. Say sorry, do apologize to the particular victim. She lent it to you dgn rasa kesian sbb you dont own one but you ? Ouh pathetic. Seeing your face make me wanna puke.

P/s : Stupid guys will get interested with a pretty girl and never bother about their bad behaviour.

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