Monday, February 21, 2011

More than enough

Too much of anything can make me sick, its too much, toooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh ! Haaaa, kan dah termeroyan, grrrr !

I can't bear with people who keep on pushing me to do this and that. Its always easier said than done and with my coughy condition now, do you think it is suitable for me to stand up in front of the huge crowd and speak ? Tsk tsk tsk, tekak nak tercabut ni nyah, tlg lah faham =.=

Everyone has their own right to do and not to do something. And this is me stressing my stands that I'm gonna write what I want in this bloody blog. Do respect my right, please. If you detest my writing, stop reading me. Its my blog, my rights, please.

P/s : Izikamizigodatishauyulivenisikofit.


  1. Rimaskan dgn orang yang tak suka dgn apa yg kita tulis? kalau tak suka jgnlah abca kan. mcmlah kita terhegeh-hegeh suruh dia baca. ingat kau diva ke hape? ahah

  2. Hahahahahahahaha dia x suka org tulis pasal dia. My bad lah tu tls psl dia.

  3. haha sape suruh kau mencapap tak tentu pasal? aku tulislah pasal kau! hahahaha :P

  4. haha sapa suruh mencapapp sangat? aku tulislah pasal kau! hahaha